Cynthia Nas Américas
We couldn’t stop eating!!!! Delicious Vietnamese food, very flavorful and fresh. The place has a awesome vibe and the staff are very welcoming. The owner is very attentive and funny and made our night very pleasant. We are definitely coming back and bringing the rest of our family.
Debbie Z
Pho noodles are freshly made everyday. Rich in flavor! Excellent find. Try their coffee too!
Glen Chang
This is the best Pho I've ever had in my life. The excelent broth combined with really excelent wagyu cuts makes your mouth explode! I've never seen any Pho restaurant serve such high quality meats and the combination is too mind blowing to describe. Now marked down as one of my favorite restaurants in Orange County.
Steve Ingram
I used to frequent this place before these people took over. Stopped coming about 18 months ago. Thought I would give it another try and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is. I will be back with coworkers again for lunch.
Juliette Kim
This is the best Pho I’ve ever had in a long time. They really use the best beef. I had the Pho Akaushi combo and geez…you have to try their beef. It melts in your mouth. The broth was really good too. This is now one of our favorite restaurants in the entire OC. We’re definitely coming back soon and many time after that ;)
Jay J
Food was delicious and will definitely visit again. Great staff at this place, they thrive in customers satisfaction while dining
Kha-ai Nguyen-Wilk
Delicious pho in Lake Forest, such a gem! This family owned place opened just a few weeks ago, but the vibes + food make for the perfect place to grab a late night bowl of pho. We got the small combo pho and the large brisket pho, and walked out with full stomachs and a reasonable bill. Will definitely come again!
Miguel Escobar
Great pho! I regularly order takeout, reheat the broth, and blanch the rare steak at home it's absolutely delicious, broth is amazing!